Island Capital LLC
Building Better Manufactured Home Communities in the USA
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Welcome to Island Capital, we specialize in building better manufactured home communities in the USA. We buy pre-identified, used, late model 3 bedroom mobile homes and bring them into our community. We transport, set-up, install new decks, skirting, perform minor repairs and lease or sell them to good people and their families. While doing so we're building better, safer communities for people to live, providing folks an investment for their future while providing good, secured returns to our investors.
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Some folks call them mobile home parks but we prefer to call them Manufactured Home Communities and they offer a unique asset class for investors. They're a neighborhood inside a community where people can still talk to their neighbors and feel safe. We like to compare them to a village on the islands, where a community of people live together and help each other for the benefit of the people and families that live there.

There are many ways to generate revenue from a manufactured home community such as increasing rents, decreasing expenses, filling up the community with nice homes, and financing homes to people who need a place to live and take pride in home ownership. Not to mention the increased property equity as the community improves along the way.

Depending if it's a new or existing community, a "turn-key" or "turn-around" project, or you're just interested in getting a high interest, passive investment return, Island Capital has great options for your investment strategy.

Unlike the approach where you buy a mobile home and have to do everything yourself (transport, set-up, sell & carry a note) and have to worry about the manufactured home community owners, evictions or defaults, maintenance and rehab in order to resell, we take care of all that. Since we own the entire community, your investment is directly with us and still secured by the home, so it's in our best interest to make sure the home is filled with great tenants and always producing revenue to bring you, our investors, high interest passive tax-free returns by using true self-directed IRA funds.

Our team does it all, together with our investors, so we're all on the same page together doing a great thing for good people. Island Capital is dedicated to building investor relationships, protecting our investors with real, measurable, secured returns and making communities across the USA a better place to live.

At Island Capital, we offer many investment options and structures, depending on what best fits your financial goals, from investing in individual homes in existing communities we own, or exploring the possibility of buying entire manufactured home communities.
One method of investing tax free, that only about 3% of Americans understand is using a true self directed IRA as explained in the page above. It's a great way to diversify your retirement portfolio, make great tax-free returns for your retirement, and help good hard-working families and individuals build a great, safe community to raise their children.

If this sounds like the type of investment you're interested in, please contact us and get to know our team and what we're all about.
Great investments helping good families and your future
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